Our latest facial treatments - SPA by BIOLA

From July 15, 2024, SPA by BIOLA pampering treatments will be available in our Spa department, which includes several new-generation facial rejuvenation treatments. These treatments are presented in a little more detail below.
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SPA by BIOLA treatments

We are happy to announce that from July 15, the cosmetics created by Dr. Gyovai Viola (PhD) and the rejuvenating, skin beautifying and refreshing treatments based on it will be available at the Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA*****. We did not choose these cosmetics and treatments as the central element of our Spa department by chance, but because they represent the highest professional standards, they are reliable, they finished first in several test series, so we dare to recommend them to you, our dear guests. All risky ingredients have been omitted from the list of ingredients of BIOLA cosmetics, and organic ingredients have been added instead - taking into account scientific dermatological, biochemical, results, and traditional herbal medicine teachings. You can find more details about cosmetics on our SPA page. If you have further questions, contact the experts of our Spa department!

What facial rejuvenation treatments are there?

From July 15, 2024, several facial rejuvenation treatments will be available to our guests in our spa department. We present them in detail below!

Acerola moisturizing facial treatment

We recommend this skin moisturizing facial treatment to all our guests. The bioactive active ingredients of acerola and scutellaria help the skin regain its balance and healthy radiance. The basis of maintaining healthy skin - and also preventing wrinkles - is maintaining proper hydration. Our moisturizing treatment not only makes your skin more beautiful, but also fills you with positive energy.

Acerola hydrating facial massage

Applying acerola with massage movements helps to make the face more hydrated, to increase the tone of the facial muscles, and to relieve accumulated stress. After the massage, the facial skin becomes smoother, softer and more youthful.

Argan rejuvenating, firming treatment

Argan oil mixed with nigella oil and mango has an excellent revitalizing and regenerating effect. This skin rejuvenating treatment not only vitalizes the surface of the skin, but also its deeper layers, filling it with life. The firming-lifting massage also relieves the tension in the facial muscles, and thanks to this, the face is smoothed, and the depth of wrinkles is visibly reduced.

Argan rejuvenating, firming massage

During our argan facial rejuvenation treatment, we use a so-called lifting massage to deliver the necessary substances to the deeper tissues of the skin, so that the contour line of the face rises, making the face more youthful.

Facial rejuvenation treatment developed for men

The Ginseng age control face treatment was specially developed for men, which, in addition to delaying aging, hydrates, removes impurities from the skin, and even helps relieve stress. Selected organic ingredients support the freshness of the skin, such as ginseng, peppermint, or even grapefruit.

Rose anti-aging facial treatment - with Gua Sha Massage

One of the most effective facial rejuvenation treatments. During this premium treatment, only cosmetics with biodynamic certification are used. The treatment is so effective because of the intense rejuvenating effect of the cosmetics used and the movements made with the gua sha rose quartz stone.
On our spa page you can find even more treatments, there are treatments specially developed for sensitive and problematic skin, back massages, foot massages, full body treatments, couples massages and sports massages too!

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