Balatonfüred luxury hotel

The Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA*****Superior Balatonfüred is the newest luxury hotel, where you can find everything you need for a real recharge and relaxation in Balaton. We have dreamed up high-quality luxury services on the shores of Lake Balaton, which are offered by the best foreign luxury chains. If you are looking for a luxury hotel in the Balatonfüred area, discover our comfortable rooms and suites that meet all your needs!
Balatonfüred luxury hotel

Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA***** Balatonfüred luxury hotel

Balatonfüred is the real capital of the northern coast of Balaton, and it was already many, many years, decades ago. If someone wants to choose the best, most impressive settlement on the shores of Lake Balaton, then Balatonfüred should be chosen. Not only because there are many special places and program opportunities here, but also because Balatonfüred has no shortage of luxury hotels.  When dreaming up the Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA***** Superior, our goal was that the shores of Lake Balaton could finally get a luxury hotel that meets the high demands it deserves, where we can satisfy all premium needs in one place.  

Balatonfüred luxury hotel Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA***** Superior welcomes its guests with special offers. In our packages, we have collected luxury services that make your vacation in Balatonfüred a perfect experience - whether it's a romantic getaway, a family vacation, a business trip, or anything else.

Balatonfüred luxury hotels

Balatonfüred has no shortage of luxury hotels, the main reason being that it is one of the most outstanding destinations on Lake Balaton. It is not only a favorite of domestic travelers and vacationers, but also a very popular destination among foreign tourists. Balatonfüred owes its reputation to several things. Balatonfüred is one of the oldest and most important spa towns in Hungary, with rich historical and cultural traditions. The city also flourished during the 19th century reform era, and many buildings and memorials recall this period, such as the Jókai Mór Memorial House. There are many opportunities for sailing and other water sports in the city. Balatonfüred luxury hotel is also ideal for sailors and athletes. At the Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA*****, we also welcome athletes with a separate gym and relaxing wellness treatments!


Balatonfüred luxury hotel - with luxury food

Balatonfüred is located on the northern coast, near the Balaton highlands, where there are very good wineries. That is why this place is a true gastronomic stronghold, and that is why the luxury hotels of Balatonfüred would not be real luxury hotels without gastronomic treasures. At the Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA*****, we pay close attention not only to the quality of the food, but also to the dining experience. We welcome our guests with wine dinners accompanied by a sommelier, champagne breakfasts, and premium wine tastings. 

Balatonfüred luxury hotel - with luxury wellness treatments

The Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA***** Balatonfüred luxury hotel offers 2,000 square meters of relaxation, where 4 indoor and 4 outdoor pools ensure relaxation. There is an indoor pool for children and an outdoor pool available in summer. The specialty of the hotel is the "Quiet Hour", which provides an adult time slot for undisturbed relaxation. In addition, bath and sauna rituals offer complete relaxation, including a salt room, whirlpool, Kneipp foot, walking shower, steam cabin, Finnish sauna, aroma cabin and infrared sauna. Snow and ice are available for those who want to cool off. Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA***** offers an experience of luxury and comfort in every detail in the heart of Balatonfüred.

What other services do luxury hotels in Balatonfüred have?

There is no single, official definition of a luxury hotel, however, the following characteristics and services are usually required for a hotel to be recognized as luxury. These characteristics are authoritative both in terms of the experience provided to guests and the quality of the infrastructure and services:
  • Outstanding services
  • Excellent rooms, with immaculate cleanliness, luxurious furnishings, style and accessories
  • Outstanding gastronomic experiences
  • Excellent wellness services, with several available wellness treatments
  • Excellent location
  • Appropriate acknowledgments

The Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA***** Balatonfüred luxury hotel received not only the 5-star rank, but also the Superior recognition during the international certification, thanks to its exceptionally high level of services, diversity, and the fact that it can fully satisfy the expectations of all guests.

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