Best programs in Balatonfüred for the summer of 2024

Balatonfüred is full of life every summer. The capital of the northern shore of Lake Balaton, the legendary sailing race around Lake Balaton is held here, with many accompanying programs. Of course, the Anna ball based on hundreds of years of tradition cannot be missed, and even apart from these, there will be plenty of cultural, musical and gastronomic events. We show you the best programs in Balatonfüred for the summer of 2024!
Best programs in Balatonfüred summer 2024

Best programs in Balatonfüred: Book-Wine-Jazz Festival

Books, wines and good jazz music are an unbeatable trio, which June 5-10, 2024. The Book-Wine-Jazz Festival to be held in Balatonfüred between The traditional Balaton program is implemented within the framework of the festive Book Week, in the Vaszary Café and Garden between June 10 and 14. There will be writer-reader meetings and book signings, which will be accompanied by the finest wines.

Best programs in Balatonfüred: Motion picture festival

Moving films, i.e. cinema films, are loved by more and more people these days. It is especially good to watch such things when special films are shown. Between June 12 and June 15, 2024, Balatonfüred will be able to feel the good atmosphere of the Motion Picture Festival, and during the open-air screening, you can also watch the newest, most unusual films. It is worth following the event in several places in Füred: there will be several outdoor screenings on the Tagore Promenade, and on June 14, the lifetime achievement awards ceremony will be held in the Congress Center. There will also be programs for children and youth at the film screenings. You shouldn't miss this early summer program in Balatonfüred!

Best programs in Balatonfüred: Kékszalag sailing race

The Kékszalag Grand Prix stands out not only among the summer programs in Balatonfüred, but also the most famous and also the most interesting of all the summer programs in Balaton. Did you know that the Kékszalag Sailing Race is Europe's largest lake-circling competition, meaning that not only domestic, but also many foreign sailboats compete in the Hungarian sea in order to avoid the lake as quickly as possible, ahead of each other? In 2024, the 56th Kékszalag Grand Prix will be held between July 18-20, and not only the opening and closing events, but the entire two-day program are very interesting. If you want to enjoy 5-star comfort, extra care and a view of the sailboats on the endless shores of Lake Balaton, choose the special 5-star Kékszalag package offer of the Hotel Vinifera Wine & SPA*****! 

Best programs in Balatonfüred: Anna-ball

The legendary event, he legend of which has almost 200 years of history. Did you know that at that time even Mihály Vörösmarty, Mór Jókai and Lujza Blaha visited this party, it was so popular? Its popularity has not decreased this year either, it is still the favorite summer program of those with sophisticated tastes, but it is also on the bucket list of more and more young people. In 2024, the 199th Abba Ball and the related Anna Festival will be held, July 22-28. between. Don't miss out, secure your place in our hotel in Balatonfüred.

Best programs in Balatonfüred: Fashion show in Balatonfüred

The bustling Balatonfüred cannot miss summer programs related to fashion. We know very well that many of our guests are fond of such programs, so we would like to highlight that the KATTI ZOÓB Fashion House presentation will definitely take place on August 19, 2024, where 100 models will present 100 breathtaking clothing pieces. It really cannot be missed, if only because we are preparing a special surprise for August 20 anyway. Our rooms overlooking Lake Balaton offer a perfect view of the fireworks.

Best programs in Balatonfüred: Lectures at the Balaton Leisure and Conference Center

Life never stops in Balatonfüred, not only do we have special programs in the summer, but every week in the summer there is a large-scale theater performance, concert, or duma theater evening. At the Balaton Leisure and Conference Center in the summer of 2024, you can and should count on such great programs as Made in Hungaria Musical (July 10, 2024); Charlie 77 Concert (July 15, 2024); Fenyő Concert (August 3, 2024); László Dés Concert - So five! (August 10, 2024); Zorán concert (August 15, 2024); Kati Kovács' Jubilee Grand Concert (August 19, 2024) - to highlight only the most important ones.


Best programs in Balatonfüred as a summer break: Balatonfüred wine weeks

There is no better end-of-summer program in Balatonfüred than the Füred Wine Weeks. Being a wine hotel, we are passionate about the wineries of the area, they are able to produce such special and delicious wines as nowhere else. You can taste these divine wines at our wine tasting organized in our hotel, as well as during the festival organized on the Tagore Promenade. During the festival, we also prepare special wine tasting gifts for our guests in our hotel.

Best programs in Balatonfüred: Romantic Reform

Although the program called Romantikus Reformkor is not specifically held in the summer, but precisely on September 27-29. between, but we thought that it was such a far-reaching and spectacular local program that we couldn't leave it off the list. And anyway, the weather is usually still good at the end of September. The participants of the special program can fly a little back to the 1800s, the romantic reform era, thanks to the period clothes, horse-drawn carriages and other props.


Best programs in Balatonfüred: Balatonfüred vintage

The Balatonfüred vintage (Balatonfüred Szüret) is not a particularly summer program in Balatonfüred either, but it is one of our favorites, so we couldn't leave it off the list as a finale. Between October 11-13, 2024, the wineries of the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region will set up shop again and hold a tasting on the Tagore promenade in Balatonfüred. There will also be cultural events, and our hotel is preparing special surprises for the participants of the harvest - we are preparing a special wine tasting for our hotel guests.

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